SEO: Keyword Strategy

08 August 2021
Taushif Hayder
SEO: Keyword Strategy

Trying to develop a keyword strategy but just not sure what keywords your audience is looking for? Well we’ve got a simple guide for you to start developing your keyword strategy today.

How to Develop Your Keyword Strategy

1) Pick a topic – Start by asking yourself what topics your customer would search for that are related to your business. List out topics or keywords you can think of related to your business and Google those terms to find related keywords.

2) Understand your Audience – Create various personas for your audience so you can keep them in mind while selecting topics and keywords. This will streamline your work significantly.

3) Look for Keyword Trends – Search for each of your focus keywords and see what results you get. Check the traffic to the sites which come up on the top of the search engine results pages. If you find many people searching for this particular keyword then you are in the right track.

4) Difficulty of Keywords – Don’t go for keywords that have high competition. Even though these keywords will generally have much more traffic, you won’t be able to compete against these giants who have their websites optimized to the bone. Instead focus on more specific keywords. So, instead of trying to rank for a broad term like “cars”, try to rank for “cars for under $1,000 in Copenhagen”. 

5) Research your Competition – Your competition may be the key to developing a winning keyword strategy. You have to find out which keywords they are ranking for on each of their pages and see which one’s apply to you the best. Your competition’s keyword selection is a guarantee for you as they have already done the research into what works.

If all of this is too hard for you then you can always find a SEO service provider. Go with an agency from your country. A Danish SEO provider if you’re from Denmark or an American SEO provider if you’re from USA. They will know your audience best.

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