Parking soluttions for safe and easy parking

07 December 2021
Amara Kashif


Parking Solutions

Parking can be made better by adopting many effective strategies through the use of some highly advanced instruments for better and safe parking. Some of them are as follows:

Payment machines

Adding payment machines to your parking system can help ensure a smooth payment system for parking. These machines are highly useful and also come in various models with different shapes and sizes, but all of them have one thing in common which is their elegant style. The different models include a Copenhagen, a coin Copenhagen, a Copenhagen wall, a Helsinki and a Helsinki wall.

ANPR cameras


ANPR cameras are perfect for security purposes. With a scanning accuracy of 99.7%, these highly advanced cameras use an advanced scanning algorithm and hence, are capable of detecting license plates of the cars driving in and out of the facility regardless of the weather conditions (fog, mist, rain snow). They are also able to perform this duty in the daytime, as well as the nighttime.


Info screens

Inserting info screens can help notify customers/people who are entering or leaving the facility with different pieces of information such as pricing details, ongoing reservations, advertisements, offers and promotions etc.


An Infocom can also be placed by the exit to notify customers with important messages such as their payment status, or any other information regarding an undetected licence plate, or it can even be about entering a piece of information the facility needs.

Access control

This access control system is very useful it allows visitors to easily enter or leave the parking facility at any time they wish (if they are on foot) which means that this system can even be used after facility hours. Visitors can easily exit the facility. All they have to do is simply type in their license plate numbers or a specific code that has been chosen and set by the facility manager and the door will open. 

These instruments and the guidelines to use them are available at so one can simply visit the website if they want to ensure a safe parking system in their facility.